Omega srl is a full-service company

Everything that concerns the design, development, production and packaging of products for professional detergents and home care. All under a constant and rigid control system that will allow the products to always comply with the highest quality standards present on the market 

Our productive process


All materials (raw and packaging) are recorded in our system and labelled with barcode


Misceliamo le materie prime secondo rigide specifiche qualitative


We are able to test every batches with the most popular parameters ( pH, colour, viscosity, odour, etc..)


We fill products prepared from making unit to our filling lines


We can pack your products in the most frequently occurring types of pack


The labelled pallets are stored in our warehouse ready to be shipped to the customers

Four departments that will create your product

R&D unit

We project and develop your product with our  expert team

Making unit

 We mix and produce your goods following the most rigid quality standards

Filling unit

We pack your product by thinking about all that concerns packaging and doing rigid quality tests

Logistic unit

We distribute our products directly using partner couriers

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